Edwin Aristor

Edwin Aristor is an Enterprise Sales Lead at Kanarys, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Data and Analytics Platform. He is a father, a husband, a son, an uncle, and a mentor. He serves his community by volunteering and sitting on the boards of iMentor’s Young Executive Board, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Young Leaders, Play Rugby, and the Haitian Roundtable. Edwin is an advocate for technology education and championing diversity, inclusion, and equity in the technology industry. Edwin is passionate about creating opportunities that inspire and empower companies and people to achieve more. The Self-development and Coaching programs making an impact on his life include Dudes of Disruption Men's Group, Sacred Sons, Momentum Education, RJP Coaching, Next Level Training, Landmark Worldwide, and Tony Robbins seminars. In his spare time, you’ll find him spending quality time with family and friends enjoying New York City, traveling around the world, health and wellness, volunteering, uplifting and mentoring others, and being a mental health advocate.