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Written  In the Stone

What will you do with your dash? You know, the dash between the date you're born and the day you die?

Ethan Whitehead wasn't doing much with his. He had defied the odds in the Middle East as an embedded reporter during the war, experiencing the kind of up-close trauma that would either break a guy, or inspire him to new heights when he survives. It was definitely the kind of trauma that made headlines. But that was a long time ago. The kind of distant memory that came up only in cold sweats and sudden flashbacks.

Oh sure, life is good now. He had what some would say was a glamorous job as a globetrotting journalist living in London. He was happily married to a remarkable and gorgeous woman. But he wasn’t fulfilled. He was simply going with the flow.

When an unspeakable tragedy strikes his family living in a small Alabama town, Ethan is forced to return home to the States to tackle some harsh truths about his family and his past.

Oh, and while he’s there, he gets a once in a lifetime story dropped into his lap that could shake the foundation of the United States Government to its core. All in a day’s work. All in a day’s headline.

Full of twists and turns, with just the right touch of wry humor and human insight, this debut novel from Ryan D. Hall will keep you turning the pages, ready for what comes next. Pick up your copy today.

Mining For MY Voice

Children raised in a world of familial trauma and health scares can develop pretty deep defense and survival mechanisms to simply exist in a scary and ever-changing world.

For Ryan Hall, his defense mechanism was that he became silent. On days when he didn’t have to go to school, he would spend upwards of 22 hours a day in his room behind a closed door. He would play video games and watch TV instead of sharing his voice and sharing himself.

Silent and in his bedroom were where Ryan felt safe.

Mining For My Voice is the debut memoir by bestselling author and coach Ryan D. Hall.

In Mining For My Voice, Ryan vulnerably shares about events and people in his life who taught him that his voice didn't matter as well as the events, people, and creatures who taught him that his voice could rattle the foundation of humanity.

Mining For My Voice is about how a meek and terrified little boy grew into a man who uncovered his world-rattling voice.

Get Mining For My Voice today on Paperback, Audible, and Kindle!


Hello Again

Mike Holliday has a life that many would dream of. He’s married to a rock star and his rock star wife is expecting their first child. Mike also has quite the fascinating job - he’s a network TV late-night talk show host!

By nature of his job, Mikey reluctantly lives his life in the public eye. He's always had the performing bug, yet he's seen the toll a life in the public eye has had on his own family. He's seen the damage the rock and roll lifestyle had on his own Dad.

During the recording of his show one evening, Mike gets news that his mother has finally lost her several decade-long battle with cancer. While Mike hadn't had a great relationship with his mother for many years, this news is enough to rock any seasoned performer to his core. And after Mike gets the news, has a public moment of grief on network television.

When Mike and his wife go back to Mike’s small Alabama hometown for his Mom's funeral, he sees the state that his father is in. Depressed and drunk, Jimmy Holliday is a far cry from the influential master of the electric guitar that he once was. While his Dad was rarely present in Mikey's life, he believes Jimmy's greatness isn't dead.

There is still something left in the tank!

Hello Again is a heartwarming and musical tale of redemption and of living a life on fire by taking your genius out of mothballs for one more drive.


the Roots Of joy

Meet DALE BAXTER. He's like a lot of middle-aged guys, caught up in the daily grind. But underneath it all, he has a secret dream: literary stardom.

Writing and storytelling have saved Dale’s life countless times and he’s always dreamed of seeing his book in print.

After a particularly brutal setback in his personal life, Dale realized he needed a fresh start. He leaves his old life in the Atlanta suburbs behind and moves to the shadows of New York City to start over and chase his literary dreams.

After work one day, Dale stops by his regular Irish pub for a pint and some food. And while he’s there, he runs into an old flame from high school who recently moved to town for work.

While he’s reconnecting with his old flame, he realizes something major: the only thing in the way of creating the life of his dreams with the once-in-a-lifetime woman is himself.

Or at least an earlier version of himself…

The Roots of Joy - Coming soon from Ryan D. Hall and Royal Hearts Media! Soon available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook.