A Girl FRom Southern Boulevard

On the surface, Gloria had it all. She created a successful career. She was a single mother of a well-adjusted son. And she was devoted to her physical and spiritual fitness.

And the bottle threatened to derail every bit of it.

Her life had become unmanageable.

A Girl From Southern Boulevard is the raw and unflinching memoir of a woman who scaled the summit of success while her relationship with alcohol knocked her down to the depths of despair for not only her but those in her life.

Follow Gloria on her journey as she rebuilds and recreates her life, brick by brick, from addiction to CoachGlo - the champion for women and those with a special woman in their lives. All while staying true to her roots in the South Bronx.

A Girl From Southern Boulevard will make you laugh. It will make you cry. And it will help you see yourself in CoachGlo’s shoes.

"This book is a celebration of life, a true reminder to cherish our loved ones, and to stand for their greatness. Thank you, CoachGlo Favreau, for choosing life, love and freedom from the toxic relationship you had with alcohol, and for sharing your healing story with the world!" - Review by Kathleen T.

"Ryan was patient, nurturing and held me accountable to meet our publishing deadlines.  Even when I thought I did not want to go thru with it all, Ryan’s encouraging spirit and nature helped me get over the hump.


If you are looking for a Publisher, look no further – I highly recommend Ryan Hall/Royal Hearts Media"

First-Time Author: Gloria "CoachGlo" Favreau