Not A children's book

The Brothers Grimm disavow all knowledge of the existence of Not A Children’s Book.

Thanks to this book, Mother Goose and the Tooth Fairy are no longer on speaking terms.

And the Easter Bunny…we don’t talk about what happened with the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. It was not pretty. Colorful, but not pretty.

So much egg dye…

Not A Children’s Book: The Dark Side Of Nursery Rhymes - examines the sixteen most well-known nursery rhymes, turns them upside down, inside out, and will leave you questioning if you still want to read these rhymes to your kids.

At this point, Not A Children’s Book might leave you questioning your own childhood.

But it’ll absolutely make you laugh!

Not A Children’s Book: The Dark Side Of Nursery Rhymesis the irreverent literary debut from Jamie Scully. Get your copy today!

And please…don’t let your kids read it.

"I enjoyed Jamie's creative storytelling and his mix of both witty and dark humor! This is a fast and enjoyable read. Definitely not for children, but hysterical for adults to read the nursery rhymes we loved as children, but from a totally different "adult" perspective. Jamie's creativity in retelling the "true" story behind these beloved nursery rhymes will have you laughing out loud and turning the page to read "just one more" story. I highly recommend this book if you're looking for a light-hearted, fun book to laugh a little, or a lot!" - Review by Nikki G.

"Ryan Hall is a pleasure to work with. He was recommended to me by another author whom I trust. Ryan has a great personality and sense of humor. He is very down to earth and easy to talk to and work with. He kept me on schedule with editing and deadlines. He is a published author himself, so he understands the process to get a book published. I looked forward to every zoom meeting with him. It never felt like work, it was fun. I highly recommend you trust Ryan Hall from Royal Hearts Publishing with your next book."

First-Time Author Jamie Scully